The construction sector is considered the last sector to adopt Cloud solutions. However, it is an extremely important sector for all countries, and as we can mention in this case, the sector is already adopting the latest technologies. In Brazil, “Construtora Elevação” started the digital transformation process.


Construtora Elevação


850 employees.

Brief history:

It implements thousands of kilometers of pipelines for the development of the country’s communication infrastructure. It is worth mentioning the project carried out for Pirelli, having conceived and detailed the entire project of the first interurban optical system in Brazil (SP-RJ), as well as built its eight repeater stations and respective underground channels.

Innovation has always been present, is one of the first Brazilian construction companies to use drill rigs for the installation of pipelines using the Non-Destructive Method in sanitation and gas pipeline works.

OneCloud Solutions and Construtora Elevação success story:

OneCloud Solutions contracted to allow the digital transformation of the company, transforming the current environment with architecture in OnPremise for Cloud.

Challenge 1:

The machines were difficult to manage without information about where they were, when they needed maintenance and who was responsible. They were also unable to know which machines were worth selling and buying a new one instead of doing regular maintenance.

Product used: Big Query, Data Studio, Google Cloud IOT

Challenge 2:

The visualization of advances in the works was complex with several worksheets, multiple data entries from several decentralized worksheets where the engineers created their standards. And they lacked the intelligence to segregate the thousands of images of the works. Each engineer manages the photos as they thought it was correct, and when they needed them for reference it was practically impossible to find.

Product used: Google Spreadsheets, Docs, Photos, Big query, Data Studio, Google Machine Learning.

Challenge 3:
The file server was a challenge for the company. Where there was no control over local works in other cities and states. The backup on machines was manual.

Product used: Google Drive, AFI Backup

Challenge 4:

The training was difficult to manage.

Product used: Hangouts and Classroom

Challenge 5:

Productivity was low. Meeting management was complex, and the internal communication of the working groups was obscure.

Product used: Gmail, Google Calendar, Hangouts.


  • G Suite Business
    • Google Drive
    • Gmail
    • Hangouts
    • Docs
    • Spreadsheets
    • Photos
  • AFI Backup
  • Google Cloud Platform
    • Big Query
    • Data Studio
    • Cloud DNS
    • Google Cloud IOT
    • Google ML

For the success of this project, there was a need to break paradigms, where the internal IT team accepted our recommendations.

We have made a solid document to prepare for implementations and recommendations for good practices in the global IT market. We had the opportunity to travel throughout the company, listening from the juniors to the president of the company.

There were pieces of training that preceded the changes, which allowed for easier adoption of new technologies. The project had a huge impact on the company, where processes were organized, unnecessary expenses eliminated and productivity increased in some cases by up to 40%.

Final considerations:

We hope that companies in the construction sector can evolve together with technology, bringing more productivity and reducing costs.

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